New England safety Grant Initiative

The enrollment period for this program is now closed. The 2015 grant recipients are:


  • Fairfield Police Department
  • South Windsor Police Department
  • North Haven Police Department


  • Veazie Police Department
  • Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office


  • Newton Police Department
  • Holbrook Police Department
  • Billerica Police Department
  • Somerset Polie Department
  • Lanesborough Police Department
  • Longmeadow Police Department
  • Leicester Police Department

New Hampshire

  • Auburn Police Department

New York

  • Troy Police Department
  • Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
  • Cicero Police Department

Rhode Island

  • Providence Police Department

In 2015 the Spirit of Blue Foundation is partnering with The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation’s to create a Safety Grant Initiative focused on the enhancement of officer safety in the New England States. Thanks to a very generous donation from the New England Chapter of the DDBRCF, this initiative will focus on safety equipment and training to 17 targeted communities throughout New England (located in CT, MA, ME, NH, NY and RI).


In order to qualify, agencies must be located within 15-20 miles of a target community’s geographic center (see list below)

  • Grants will be extended to one (1) law enforcement agency in each of the 17 target communities
  • Agencies will be awarded grants for one or more of the following categories: Ballistic Protection, Medical Supplies, Training Programs, Traffic Awareness, Sensory Protection, Lethal Force, Less-Lethal Force, Acquisition, Illumination, Firearms Accessories, Operational Gear, Communication Solutions, Footwear/Apparel, Intelligence Gathering and Storage/Security
  • Grants will vary in value, between $3,000 – $6,000, to reflect:
    • Disparate size of population and size of the agencies serving the specified communities
    • Level of current financial resources and respective unfunded safety needs


Agencies wishing to apply directly for one of the New England Safety Grant Initiative grants should enroll via the Grant Eligibility form and include “New England” in the Additional Information field.


The New England Safety Grant Initiative is made possible by the generous support of:

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We are dedicated to the enhancement of officer safety and vitality throughout the law enforcement community by promoting public awareness for their protection and fulfilling safety equipment and training needs.

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Over 900,000 law enforcement officers honorably serve the population of the United States - that equates to 1 officer for every 350 citizens. On average, 125 officers are lost and another 15,000 are injured in the line of duty each year. Yet funding for safety equipment and training is dwindling as tax revenues decline. The need for supplemental funding to protect these officers has never been greater.

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